What is the life expenctancy after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease?

Longevity can range from 3-10 years after diagnosis, depending on age, sex and medical history. However, the average life expectancy from diagnosis is 4.5 years. Every individual patient is different and sometimes the disease progression will vary in severity and speed. Life expectancy also depends on when a patient is diagnosed with the disease; if a patient gets Alzheimer's Disease later in life, the progression may be more severe.

I am suffering from memory loss and confusion, do I have Alzhemier's?

Not necessarily. There are multiple forms of dementia, all characterised with memory loss and confusion. Book an appointment with your GP if you are concerned for further information.

What's the estimated amount of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease?

It is estimated that 1 in 14, over 65 year olds suffer from Alzheimer's Diease, and that 1 in 6, over 80 year olds have Alzheimer's Disease. There are 465,000 patients suffering from Alzheimer's and about 750,000 suffering from dementia, in the UK.

Can children develop Alzheimer's Disease?

The development of Alzheimer's Disease is very rare in children and if it does develop it is usually genetic. Usually children presenting symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease have another underlying mental disorder.

Where abouts in the world is the incidence of Alzheimer's Disease the highest?

Alzheimer's Disease has a higher percentage in developing countries. It is thought that this is due to the higher life expectancy in these countries, as an increase in age, increases the probability of developing Alzheimer's Disease.